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VfmLiveShow III

November 24, 2017 asante
VfmLiveShow III
Asante's ROOTScast
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Starring Bob Marley,Toots and The Mytals,Chezidech.

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Speaker 1:

Get Up Stand Up Stand Up. All right. Get up. You're right. Stand up. All right.

Speaker 2:

Get up and stand up for a little fun. Give up the fight. Preacher man don't tell me heaven is on the.

Speaker 3:

Earth. I know you don't know. What life is really worth. His. Dad. Gets A. Cold. That. Story had never been told. So now you see the light. You. Stand Up For Your Right. Come on. Stand.

Speaker 1:

Up. You're right. Don't give up the fight. Stand Up For Your Right. Get out.

Speaker 2:

Don't give up.

Speaker 4:

Fight people be great God will come from this guy. Thank God. Everything and everybody I. Know what life is like for. Your. And now you see the light. Just thank God for your right.

Speaker 2:

I get out of your. Don't give up. I believe your right. We can't give up. Oh your god.

Speaker 5:

Yeah we'll see an entire Dhafir schism game die and go to heaven in a Jesus name. We know when we understand that God is a living man. You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time. So now we see the light. What are you going to stand up for. I get up and up and up and up.

Speaker 2:

And up. Don't give up. Get out. Get up.

Speaker 6:

Get up.

Speaker 7:

But we can change you up right. Oh. You're strong. My or mine was a. In reference to. This. Pressure. I have. Never was the. Mystery. But. The love that the republic. Sunday contour cost shall be.

Speaker 8:

Bought abroad. We don't create our soul and we kill. So not only are shunning triggers so I mean John would say. And I dare.

Speaker 9:

Say some take photos with the South.

Speaker 10:

Yes. Yes yes yes yes.

Speaker 11:

She got surgery three soldiers in the street looking for a man of peace.

Speaker 12:

Well you can but it doesn't kill us. We. Do. To see how we come around the time we. Jump in. The.

Speaker 13:

Only station station where you can be yourself in the presence of everyone. Oh. Yes.

Speaker 14:

Yes. Because of our classes they really divide the classes. Yes. True. I mean did them try to do. Classes and divide. Some of.

Speaker 15:

Them. Well listen Bob we run out of time but I just like you do you have any sort of.

Speaker 14:

Hope in the country to make right. Your guy is getting all right in your field.

Speaker 16:

You know in singing opened the lead is Jamaica nice. Yes. Even though the economy is doing like it is that things. Really need a direction that have legal same sense of what the direction of the. Country. Where we don't want it to mean left. Tito's asylum plan the season has arrived in. The city of surfeited. Jogging right.

Speaker 14:

You have made that stop because you say you are falling off. I love ice cream kebab. It's been a bit. On the philosophy which is one race theory and. Another.

Speaker 17:

Theory is finally and permanently discredited. But the heavy. Second guess it. Is. Significant that you. Want to. Lasting.

Speaker 18:

Peace. Well.

Speaker 19:

Right. Well anyway. Not.

Speaker 20:

By you. We shall. We. The. Ron.

Speaker 21:

I was. Yes.

Speaker 22:

You know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 23:

Yeah. Oh yeah. What do you got. So you know before. You. Come so you come. Like you did before. Cancel your scans. Because.

Speaker 24:

You're gone.

Speaker 22:

Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes.

Speaker 24:


Speaker 23:

Why. Why.

Speaker 25:

Why why you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 23:

Yeah. I. Said. No. I don't. But I got. Really upset. But. I'm gonna I'm gonna drop my. Life. And. When you do you. Just see this. You see this stuff so great deal so that they get some. Not just the put out by some it's a good deal for some but the stone.

Speaker 26:

Gather under the tree as well when the revolution when it will arrest you.

Speaker 15:

When we guys if you will not fight again. I. Live the only station station where you can be yourself in the presence of everyone you. To. Be. Rather than let's get right to the I don't know why 10 year old. You can be. Like. Have more chances to. Winter. Guide. The powerful people.

Speaker 27:

Will never educate powerless people and what it means to take the power away from them. The aim of powerful people is to stay powerful by any means necessary. John Rocla. On the chart on the. Board underlies not one bit of time to sell guns on the side of major. Oh. My.

Speaker 28:

God. Robin something Mom. Searching my.

Speaker 29:

Child. I've got to keep inside on the. Right. Side Up by the.

Speaker 30:

Link. Yes. I'm. I. Sandy could cost Celeron big.

Speaker 8:

Body abroad. We don't treat it as so and we kill any cell phone or shut the rig itself. I mean John would say.

Speaker 9:

I have an idea for you know said sundeck told people to keep up with the sound.

Speaker 10:

Yes. Yes. Yes my she nearly got surgery.

Speaker 12:

Sam soldiers in the street looking for the man. Well you can but it doesn't kill us. We. Can see how we come around the time we.

Speaker 31:

Jumped in. We cry. Yes. We want to. You. We.

Speaker 32:


Speaker 33:

Don't know why we don't. Well now for from for my father and I see you've got Dan Rather than Stern's Crowder's and.

Speaker 34:

As we turn you this is FM.